One day whilst  on maternity leave with my son Albert (& my dog Bear) I went to light a candle, I quickly did a google search to make sure the fumes from the candles were safe for my newborn & I was shocked to learn that standard paraffin wax candles were highly toxic & could be linked to asthma & worse illnesses. But I LOVE candles! So I did some research & came across natural wax soy candles & they sounded perfect, however they were a bit too pricey for my liking, so I decided to make my own affordable but high quality soy wax candles & so Albert & Bear Candle Co. was created.


Albert & Bear Candles Co. Candles and Wax Melts are made from 100% natural soy wax. There are no additives or artificial dyes & we use vegan friendly fragrance oils only. In addition to being non-toxic soy wax gives a longer, cleaner burn and produces 90% less soot than standard paraffin wax. Our packaging is primarily biodegradable, eco-friendly and where possible, reusable to make our impact on the environment as small as possible.
Our branding is beautifully minimalist as to not take anything away from the beauty of the natural candle, which means they will compliment any decor. We intentionally have only a small fragrance library which is made up of the absolute best tried and tested scents which not only smell amazing but give the best hot throws throughout the entire longevity of the candle’s life.
We are very proud of our product and each small batch of hand poured candles and are made with the same amount of pride and enthusiasm to provide you with a luxury product.



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